Open Studio for Women, Trans and GNC people.

Coming up at the end of May and into July, we are hosting a series of open studio evenings at MESS for women, trans and GNC people to come down and explore the world of electronic sound and music.

What is this about?

Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio Ltd (MESS) is holding a free Open Evening for interested women/gnc/trans peeps only. You come along, have some drinks and snacks, play with some rare synthesisers, meet other sound enthusiasts, ask questions, make friends, fall in love with a KORG or two.
Wendy Carlos

Wendy Carlos

UPDATE June 7: Due to an amazing response we have filled all the sessions on May 28, July 5, July 12 and July 19! Rest assured we will run another series of evenings in our Spring season which begins early August.

You can view details on the event either here or on Facebook. If you would like to book a session email us.