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Cuckoo (Andreas Paleologos) is well known for his informative, playful and super fun YouTube videos. In this special show at Loop Bar, Cuckoo will not only be playing his new set alongside local artists Warplane and Ninoosh. For the curious and devoted he will also be hosting an early one hour workshop taking you inside the mechanics of his set.


Cuckoo unknowingly found interest in electronic music after countless hours playing the 8-bit Nintendo back in the 80’s.The Sega Megadrive with its unique FM chip had an even bigger impact on him. Bicycling to school every day with game music mix tapes in the headphones left serious traces in his tonal language today. He might be best known for his deep, yet easy to follow tutorials on synths and samplers, but it’s when he’s making arts and music that he really shines.


Mads Davey, Joe Hammond and Jack Monte, combine geometric guitar lines, propulsive drums, ghostly synths, subs that embrace or unsettle, and vocals that float like an ephemeral scent. It is a band forensically examining the less obvious choices. Known for their expansive arrangements and fully live performances injected with nuance and unpredictability, for this show Warplane will play a one-off reimagined electronic set.


An intense sound sculptor using Ableton Live as her prime instrument, Anya Trybala AKA Ninoosh has been steadily carving out her unique musical style and production prowess while living in the Swedish town of Malmö.

Ninoosh absorbs and records the intricate sounds of nature, contrasted with those of harsh industry, layering her tracks with bursts of synths, vocals and muted brass. Her live show is equally unique, offering of “music that shifts from intense IDM through to experimental electronic pop music” (hymn.se) and 2018 saw her move bodies at Extreme Chill Festival in Iceland, play Eter Festival in Sweden and support the luminous Zola Jesus. She is billed to play Roskilde 2020 alongside numerous other European festivals.

Through her frustration at the lack of role models in electronic music, Anya founded Synth Babes in 2015 as a platform for emerging artists who are under represented in the industry and create awesome role models. In 2019, she released her debut album Floodgates.