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M.E.S.S takes over the bonsai bandroom of Nighthawks and presents an evening of experimental electronic music as part of Leaps and Bounds festival. Melbourne artists R.Rebeiro and Jannah Quill will present an hour of power driven by instruments from M.E.S.S’ legendary library of synthesisers and drum machines. The result walks the line between analog grit and digital precision. A sonic cleanse to throw your Saturday night into blissful overdrive.

Sponsored by Leaps and Bounds Festival and City of Yarra.

Jannah Quill

Jannah Quill is techno phased with menacing interjections of static and tone. Cracked electronics wrangle with club beats. Screwed layers of harsh noise fed through labyrinthine rhythm, simultaneously brutal and beguiling.


R.Rebeiro of avant-rock group My Disco has established himself in Melbourne’s underground as a powerhouse of rhythmic experimentation. His live electronic sets are crafted around a masterfully manipulated TR 808, augmented with digital soundscapes pulled from his painstaking exploration of Max/MSP.

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