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MESS School / Workshop

Eurorack Basics Workshop

Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 18, May 23, Jun 20, Jul 18, Aug 15, Sep 12, Oct 17, Nov 21

Limited to 6 individuals per session.

Tuesdays, 6-10pm

MESS members $55
Non-members $77
First Nations peoples $55 (enter code TRIADEX21 at checkout)

Eurorack is the predominant form of contemporary modular synthesis, where you can assemble the machine of your dreams one device at a time. What began as a bunch of modules from a single company has grown into an entirely new culture and industry within electronic sound and music. It’s a way of life for its devotees. Something like boutique guitar pedals – but for synth heads.

In this workshop aimed at beginners, you’ll learn some of the essential sound design knowledge for creating your own patches, survey the landscape of modules and manufacturers and get some hands-on time with MESS’s extensive range of systems representing the depth and breadth of this new universe of aural colours. WARNING: Using and buying Eurorack modules can be habit-forming!

Each session runs from 6pm – 10pm with approximately two hours of talk and demonstration followed by some solo time with the machines in the collection under the guidance of the workshop leader. You are encouraged to bring your own recording gear (laptop + soundcard, handheld recorder or other devices) to capture sounds made on the night.

Please note: This session is limited to people aged 18 and over. If you have questions, please get in touch.

Refunds or returns for services and/or events will not be honoured for no-shows. Cancellations received less than 24hrs before the workshop start time will not be eligible for refunds. We are unable to reschedule bookings.

This workshop is led by Jonnine Nokes. 

Jonnine Nokes (they/them) is an audio engineer and musician who caught the Eurorack bug over ten years ago. They’ve used modular synthesis in sound art installations, sound design for screen and stage, and experimental music performances and releases ever since.