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MESS School / Workshop

Unlocking Analog Synths With Your DAW

2023 Dates:
Feb 28, Mar 28, May 2, May 30, Jun 27, Jul 25, Aug 22, Sep 19, Oct 24, Nov 28

Limited to 6 individuals per session.

Tuesdays, 6-10pm

MESS members $55
Non-members $77
First Nations peoples $55 (enter code TRIADEX21 at checkout)

Did you know you can use MIDI notes and data in your software to control hardware synths without MIDI? Have you ever wondered how to get an old-school drum machine to play together with beats on your computer? This workshop will show you how to harness the power of your computer to control analog synths and beatboxes.

If you have a basic understanding of synth sound design and digital audio production software, this workshop will introduce the tools and knowledge you need to make the most out of any non-MIDI gear, including gems from the MESS collection. Unlock the hands-on, creative enjoyment of shaping and performing new sounds directly into the tracks you’ve been working on. Be introduced to a wide range of devices that unlock the overlooked power of your software and audio interface in this friendly, fun, and informative MESS workshop.

Each session runs from 6pm – 10pm with approximately two hours of talk and demonstration followed by some solo time with the machines in the collection under the guidance of the workshop leader. You are encouraged to bring your own recording gear (laptop + soundcard, handheld recorder or other devices) to capture sounds made on the night.

Please note: This session is limited to people aged 18 and over. If you have questions, please get in touch.

Refunds or returns for services and/or events will not be honoured for no-shows. Cancellations received less than 24hrs before the workshop start time will not be eligible for refunds. We are unable to reschedule bookings.

This workshop is led by Lauren Squire:

Lauren Squire (she/her) is an electronic music producer, DJ, audiovisual artist, freelance sound designer and sound engineer. Her practice is focused on experimental and ambient music, underground dance music, audiovisual installation art and the spaces where these disciplines intersect. As an artist, Lauren works with her partner Matthew Wilson in an audiovisual duo called OK EG. The project draws on techno, breakbeat, ambient, percussion and experimental forms.