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People can purchase a Single Session Pass for $99. This entitles them to one studio session, to which they can bring a guest.

Things to note about Single Session Passes.

  • These Passes are replacing the ‘Casual User’ system. If someone would like to book a single session in the studio, without taking out a subscription, then they need to either purchase a Single Session Pass, or a Starter Pass.
  • As part of the checkout process, they need to agree to the MESS terms and conditions and provide their details, so we no longer require visitors to fill out the casual user form before they book.
  • When they purchase a pass a record is created for them in our system. They make a booking through Schedulista, and when they arrive for the booking, the Studio Supervisor makes a note on their file that the pass has been redeemed.

How to mark as Pass as redeemed:

  1. Search for the visitor’s name on the Members List.
  2. If they have purchased a Single Session, then it will say Single Session Pass Holder. Under the ‘Plan’ column, it should say ‘Active’.
  3. Click on their name, this will open their profile. From here you can see their history, for example, if they have a previous membership or subscription, they will appear in tabs at the top of the screen. Make sure you are in the ‘Single Session Pass Holder’ tab, and then update the expiry date to today’s date, ie, the date they are using the pass.
  4. This will change the status of the pass from active to expired. You can use the notes field to add any additional notes about their session if required.
  5. They will receive an email confirming that they have redeemed their single session.

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