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People can purchase a Starter Pass for $120. This entitles them to 4 studio sessions over an 8-week period.

Things to note about the Starter Pass

  • People with a Starter Pass get 4 sessions to use over 8 weeks.
  • The 8 weeks starts from their first session.
  • They are not eligible to bring a guest.
  • They make bookings in Schedulista like regular members.

1. Locate them on the Member List

Search for the visitor’s name on the Members List.

If they have purchased a Starter Pass, then it will say Starter Pass. Under the ‘Plan’ column, it should say ‘Active’. If they haven’t used any session yet, under the Expires column it will say Never. If they have used it, then it will have the expiry date.

2. Open their profile

Click on their name, this will open their profile. From here you can see their history; for example, if they have a previous membership or subscription, they will appear in tabs at the top of the screen. Make sure you are in the ‘Starter Pass’ tab. If this is the first session they are using with this pass, then update the expiry date to 2 months from today’s date.

3. Edit Profile Fields

Next scroll down to the section called ‘Profile Fields’, and click the Edit Profile Fields link. From here you can add the date of their session. Press Save.

4. When the have used all four sessions

If this is their 4th and final session, then update the pass status to ‘Expired’.

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