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In a rare occasion you may need to transfer the ownership of a Studio Pass from one person to another.

1. Locate them on the Member List

Search for the pass holder’s name on the Members List.

Click on their name to open the record.

2. Open their profile and locate the ‘transfer’ button

Click on their name; this will open their profile. From here, you can see their history; for example, if they have a previous membership or subscription, they will appear in tabs at the top of the screen.

Make sure you are in the tab for the pass you would like to transfer, the locate and click the ‘transfer’ button on the bottom right.

3. Transfer to an existing or new member

When the transfer lightbox appears, you have the option to transfer the membership to a new or existing user.

If transferring to an existing user search for them in the ‘select user’ drop down.

If transferring to a new user you will be prompted to input their email, first and last name. Do this and then press ‘Transfer Membership’.

4. This has successfully transferred the pass

This has successfully transferring the pass, however, there are additional details you may want to enter (such as the contact phone number) of the new pass holder.

To do this click on their name with the pencil icon next to it on the left.

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