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We’re excited to share our latest compliation! 

Kick off your week with the release of Capacitor III, a compilation of tracks produced by artists who took part in the 2022 MESS Professional Development program. We’re so proud to share their work with you.

Featuring new works from: Luke Pierre, Camilla Rose Sullivan, sknow, Kuya Neil, Larissa Agosti, Zoltan Fecso, Jonesing, Wolfjay, Rakhi, Sam Wallace, erinna, Erika Fedele, Sera Jonas Jakob, Arkin, Tina Douglas, emiel w r eddy, mea culpa, sio sono, Abby Sundborn, Avi Misra, rlndXO, bright garbage, and Oggi Oggi.

Congratulations to everyone on their killer tracks! LP artwork by bright garbage.

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