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The unseen world of electromagnetic phenomena - Artist Talk with Vijay Thilaimuthu - MESS Ltd Skip to main content

Date: Saturday June 245.30pm – 7.30pm

Event time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Tickets: $10 member / $15 non-member

Venue: MESS Studio

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This artist talk will present Vijay Thillaimuthu’s work in recording, sonifying, and visualising, an omnipresent though invisible/inaudible byproduct of the industrial revolution and the computer age, electromagnetic radiation. Surrounding us and spilling out of our planet at light speed this unseen world is increasingly populated as electronic technologies are rapidly implemented in pursuit of technological and economic progress. The project contrasts the electromagnetic signatures of industry with devices channelling electromagnetism for creative purposes. This includes instruments from the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio.

About Vijay Thillaimuthu

Electromagnetic phenomena has always been at the centre of Vijay Thillaimuthu’s practice. Whether fascinated by the discovery of self generating tones through signal feedback, or the realisation that voltage could deflect and guide rays of light in analogue televisions or laser display systems, the driving force has always been the joyful exploration of electricity as well as the visceral, transcendental experiences it could produce in expression as sound, vibration and light. His work explores electromagnetic waves as the basis for expression in multiple sensory modalities through synergistic approaches with technology. This is largely enabled through the open ended architecture of modular synthesisers.

Amongst a range of diverse outcomes, Vijay Thillaimuthu has presented work for Unsound, the Melbourne International Film Festival, Liquid Architecture, What is Music Festival, Arts House, Red Bull Music Festival, The Substation, Arts Centre Melbourne, The Banff Centre Canada, Subliminal Impulse – Manchester and the Tokyo Festival of Modular.

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