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Sound Space:


MESS Resident Artist Xan Coppinger presents an epicly diverse and compelling pick of songs, dancing between ambient drone, dubbed out breaks, euphoric hyper-pop, and more for MESS Sound Space

Producer, radio presenter, podcast producer and, now, MESS Resident Artist Xan Coppinger (aka babyxxan) has been an exciting presence both at home and abroad for quite some time now.

Xan’s addition to MESS Sound Space feels like a natural introduction to the musical mind of babyxxan. With multiple releases already, including the undulating ambient-techno-glitch 12″  In – Tran – Situ  (Public Possession, 2024) and long-form ambient meditation lost tapes from the lilac island in space (Best Effort, 2022), plus many compilation features over the past couple of years, Xan’s production isn’t defined by a single style or genre. We are incredibly excited to have Xan working in the studio, and look forward to hearing the outcome of the residency soon.

In the meantime, enjoy these compelling selections of babyxxan…

See below for the full list of tracks, or follow the playlist on for ondemand listening!


Music for swells, waves, surges.

Shed – The Traveller
Thomas Fehlmann – In The Wind II
Suzanne Ciani – Golden Apples of the Sun
Christina Vantzou – Little Darlin Seize the Sun
Rod Modell – Beach
Shed – Die Oder


Coming at you from all angles.

Vangelis Kasoulis – Enigma
Rival Consoles – Fragment
Donato Dozzy – Velluto
Les Cyclades – Glika

Whacked out hyper-pop autotune vocals

Currently obsessed with mucking around with vocals in all their glory. Voicebox starting with a single sine-wave, but there’s so much modulation to be had! I’ve found a lot of gender euphoria recently in knowing I can pitch shift the heck out of my voice. Playing with the extremes of this has been both musically and spiritually very fulfilling.

Inga Copeland – Obsession 2
Facta – Kiss Me, Can’t Stop
System Olympia – Calm, Bold & Brave
1 tbsp – No Nein
Yaeji – One More (Beta Librae Remix)

Left-field Dub

From the cosmic to the classic, this type of dub really feels like drone and dance music in full collision, and I get to stand in the middle of the intersection watching it collide. Blessed.

Round Five ft. Tikiman – Na Fe Throw it
BluntRaps n PreRolls – Grunge Grrl
Pole – Silberfisch
Kojak – Hold Me (Seven Dub Remix)
Move D – Silk Dub
Izco – Tek 5


The theme of these breaks are ‘songs my face was scrunched up to the entire time’ because they all sounded so ridiculously good. You know that face you make when the song really hits? I know you do. We all make that face. It’s one of my favourite expressions.

Highfield Casuals – Highfield Daze
Interplanetary Criminal – Why
Reek0 – Good Dreams
Maara – Sip From My Chalice

For more of babyxxan’s productions and selections, check out their bandcamp and soundcloud.

Constantly evolving, MESS Sound Space is a reflection of the diverse nature of “electronic” as a genre and the wide-reaching impact of synthesis on music more broadly. Updated monthly by guests of the studio, you can expect additions to the playlist and accompanying annotations from touring musicians, studio residents, staff members and commission artists. Check back in for new selections and a deep dive into the thought processes behind them.

Happy listening!