Artist Interviews


Rachel Lyn

Visiting Artist

Berlin-based artist Rachel Lyn creates evocative soundscapes that blend ambient tones with ethereal narratives, that have captivated audiences. Her performances at prestigious venues such as the Tate Modern and Tresor 31 Festival, along with her roles as a curator and…

Tiffany Alwis

Artist in Residence

Tiffany Alwis is a pianist, DJ and producer living in Melbourne, millions of miles away from her hometown of London she still feels the imprint of the rich culture of dance/electronic music she grew up with. Her live act is…

Naretha Williams

Commissioned Artist

A First Nations Wiradjuri woman of mixed lineage, born and based in Birrarung-ga/Naarm Melbourne on the Sovereign Lands of the Kulin Nation, Victoria AUS. Naretha works across contemporary music, composition and sound design with a professional creative career spanning 20…

Monica Lim

Commissioned Artist

With a focus on movement led composition, Monica blends tradition with futurism, orchestrating harmonies and experiences that resonate across disciplines and platforms. She will be performing at Sonorous VIII on Nov 4.

Sofie Birch

International Artist in Residence

Ambient music artist Sofie Birch opens up about her creative process, from her love of nature's sounds to the spiritual practices that inspire her work.


Commissioned Artists

Composer collective S//D//K create large-scale, site-specific compositions. The trio met during the MESS Professional Development Course in 2018, and are currently leading the MESS Synthesiser Orchestra to realise their composition for the Now or Never festival.

Jonnine Nokes

Commissioned Artist

As a MESS Studio Supervisor and educator, Jonnine’s contribution to MESS cannot be understated. We’re thrilled to share more about their background and practice ahead of their Sonorous VII performance on Saturday July 29.

Katerina Stathis

Commissioned Artist

Katerina Stathis began her journey with MESS in 2016. She is now presenting octophonic work for Sonorous VII, and is also one third of STATHIS//DAVEY//KIM, who are currently working on a commission for the MESS Synthesiser Orchestra for Now or…

Oren Ambarchi

International Artist in Residence, January 2023

Oren Ambarchi is a composer and multi-instrumentalist with longstanding interests in transcending conventional instrumental approaches. Currently based in Berlin, Oren is a pillar in the international experimental scene, in addition to his prolific output he also runs the label Black…

Crys Cole

International Artist in Residence, January 2023

Crys Cole is a Canadian sound artist currently based in Berlin, working in composition, performance and sound installation. Taking a conceptual approach, she generates subtle and imperfect sounds through haptic gestures and seemingly mundane materials to create texturally nuanced work.

Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith

International Artist in Residence, January 2023

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith is a classically trained composer, performer, and producer who creates experimental electronic music using analog synthesisers, known for creating intricate, layered compositions.

Warren Burt

MESS Commissioned Artist 

Warren Burt MESS Commissioned Artist¬† Warren is knitted into the very fabric of Australian experimental and electronic music. His arrival from the US in 1975 to be part of the first teaching cohort at the newly minted La Trobe University…

Gail Priest

National Artist in Residence, November 2022

Gail has a multi-faceted practice in which sound is the key material of communication and investigation. Her work spans solo electro-acoustic composition for performance and recordings, soundtracks for dance, theatre and video, and gallery installations.

Sabine Brix

Commissioned Artist, ACMI X MESS

Sabine Brix is an electronic music producer and composer whose work explores the human condition. She also releases dance music under the moniker Brixx.

Vijay Thillaimuthu

Local Artist in Residence, 2022. Supported by City of Melbourne

Vijay Thillaimuthu is a Tamil-Australian electronic musician and audio-visual artist. Predominantly known under the moniker Xenosine, his work explores electromagnetic waves as the basis for expression through synergistic approaches with technology.

Sara Retallick

Sara Retallick is an artist whose work explores multisensory listening as a core concern by creating tactile sonic encounters in audio and object-based installation, multichannel sound system arrangements, and performance.

Camilla Hannan

Camilla Hannan Focusing on contemporary and avant-garde music, Ashley embraces microtonality and improvisation. She's a teaching artist, chamber musician and soloist who lives in Los Angeles. How did you first get involved with synths and electronic sound? I first got…

Benjamin Carey

Benjamin Carey National Artist in Residence, July 2022 Benjamin Carey is a Sydney-based composer, improviser and educator. He makes electronic music using the modular synthesiser, develops interactive music software and creates audio-visual works. How did you first get involved with…
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