MESS Session Booking Page

Important - Before you Book!

In order to book you must be one of the following:

  • A current paid-up MESS Member.
  • A person who has access to a MESS Membership via an institution (university, college or TAFE, etc). Please see details on institution bookings further down the page.
  • A casual MESS user who has filled out and agreed to the terms on this form.

If you book a session without meeting these conditions your session may not be honoured and cancelled at any time.

If you are an international visitor and wish to book a session at MESS, please contact us first!

How to Book

Note: Your booking ensures that one machine of your preference is guaranteed to be available to you for your session. However this does not mean that you are restricted to one machine only. You are free to use any of the other available  machines during your session. See our FAQ for more detail.

Quick Booking Info

  • You must book 24 hours prior to the session commencement. If you want to make a last minute booking, call the studio +61 3 9329 7177 or email us.
  • Sessions run for 4 hours, commencing at either 1pm and 6pm, Wednesday to Sunday.
  • The cost per session is:
    • $44 (inc. GST) for current MESS Members and Institutional Members.
    • $99 (inc. GST) for casual non-members.
  • All session fees are payable at the start of the session. MESS accepts credit cards, PayPal and cash.
  • Sessions may be booked up to 6 weeks in advance.
  • All sessions are facilitated by an experienced MESS staff member who will be on hand to assist you in using any of the machines and making the most of your time at MESS.
  • You can cancel your session at any time. There is currently no penalty for booking cancellations, however this is subject to change.
  • Workstation and Machine bookings are reservations only and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis.
  • If a booking issue arises we will endeavour to contact members within 24 hours of booking confirmation.

Bringing Guests

  • You may only bring 1 guest to a session.
  • Bringing a guest is aimed at collaboration. Your guest must be working with you during your session. Guests sessions are not 2-for-1 sessions.
  • Members can bring a guest free of charge.
  • Casual Members can bring a guest for an additional $11 (inc. GST) charge. A casual session with guest costs a total of $110 (inc. GST).
  • As part of your booking you must inform us if you intend to bring a guest. Unannounced guests who arrive with members may be refused entry.
  • Guest capacity is limited and allocated on a first come, first served basis.

For more details on bookings refer to either out FAQs or the Membership T&Cs.

For any other questions regarding booking or studio access email or call on +61 3 9329 7177

Institutional Membership Bookings

  • Please use your student number when booking.
  • Your name and student number must be registered with us via your institution - your booking will not be honoured if your student number is not registered.
  • Institutional Members may not bring guests, unless they are also registered as institutional members.
  • Your institution may have pre-paid for your session hours - check with the relevant supervisor at your institution. If not, you will be charged the member rate for your session.

Casual Bookings! 

Remember, you must have filled out this form for your booking to be valid.

To go back and change details about your booking, please click change button. Don't use the "back" button in your browser.