Using MESS if you are an institutional member.

MESS institutional members are people who have access to MESS as members where the institution (university, school, college, etc.) they attend or work for has paid for a membership on their behalf.

What follows on this page assumes you know what MESS is. If not, have a look around this site or jump right to our FAQ.

If you'd like info on how to become a MESS institutional member shoot us an email or call.  

What is a MESS institutional member?

How does it work?

MESS is not a recording studio, it’s a workshop. MESS is designed for people to come in and record the sound they make on our instruments to take back to their own studios. Browse our Instagram account to see some pics of the space and the gear we have. 

Many people making electronic music have some kind of portable device to record with, and MESS is set-up to cater for this. Most people bring in their laptop & sound card with them to record, but this isn’t the only way. If you have some other recording machine, you should feel free to bring it. If you're not sure, drop us an email or call. At MESS we have a some audio interfaces and portable recorders as well as some old reel-to-reel and cassette 4 track machines, all of which you can freely use as a MESS member. To get access however, you must make a booking.

About bookings.

When you book a session you reserve a machine from the collection for use, guaranteeing that it will be set aside for your session. However you are not limited to just this machine. Once you are at the studio, you are free to move to other machines, or intergrate other devices into your set-up as you go. If the machine is on the shelf and not being used by someone else, you’re free to use it! 

One important thing to note however is that many of the set-ups at MESS function as workstations, so if you want to use one of these, make it the thing you book. Don’t expect to turn up to the studio and for it to be free. MESS can be a very busy place!

  • MESS Sessions last for 4 hours and start at either 1pm or 6pm, Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Sessions cost $44 unless your institution has pre-paid for your sessions. Ask your relevant supervisor or lecturer if this is the case for you.
  • You can show up or leave at any time during the session. You don’t have to use the full 4 hours, however your booking is for the full duration and the cost is fixed.

How to make a booking.

  1. Head to our booking page.
  2. Choose your date and time.
  3. Choose your machine.
  4. Enter your details and institutional ID when prompted.


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