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While reading the details below keep in mind that in these early stages, MESS is still an experiment. We are calling the first 3 years our ‘incubation’ period. As we move forward we expect to respond and adapt to a whole range of circumstances and feedback from everyone who is associated with MESS. As an independent not for profit organisation, your membership is the key to ensuring that we can continue to work hard to make MESS a great place for everyone who cares about electronic sound.

Below is a summary of what a membership costs, what it entitles members to and how the studio will function. Full details can be found in our FAQs and you should also read the the terms and conditions and use policies regarding membership.

We strongly encourage you to read both before making a payment.

For people who don't want to purchase a membership, but would like to support the MESS project you can donate to help. Once the studio is up and running we hope to send all our donors a small gift, including an invitation to visit MESS down the track.

An annual MESS membership costs $220 AUD (inc GST).
Membership is essential to be able to access the MESS Studio.

Each fixed 4 hour session costs $44 AUD (inc GST).
The first session for each new member at MESS is free.
The Studio
The MESS Studio is a shared workshop space.
The idea is that you book a hot desk (or workstation for larger synthesisers), bring your own recording gear and work in headphones. The Studio has a total capacity for 16 members per session. 
Whatever you record, is yours to use.

Sessions are fixed at 4 hours each and the studio will have 2 sessions per day in the afternoon and evening.
The studio will be open 5 days per week from
Wednesday to Sunday, 1pm till 10pm.

Booking Sessions
You can book sessions by following the "bookings" tab above

The Collection
The whole collection available to MESS is vast and we can’t house it all in one place at the moment. This means that each 22 week season is curated from the full collection.
Each autumn and spring season, the line up of machines will change.
Here's what will be in the inaugural autumn season.

There will always be someone from MESS at every session to point you in the right direction and help you to get set-up and started. Join our mailing list for news on workshops and courses.

More Questions?
Head to the FAQ and the Membership Terms and Conditions.

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