Membership Pause Request

MESS is a small, non profit charity, that relies on a combination of funding and membership income to remain open. We do not generate any income.

Our goal is to make the collection available to everyone, as such, we keep our membership prices as low as we possibly can. By maintaining a membership, you not only allow your self access, you also help support a system that provides access to those who historically may not have had it.

To access similar collections around the work it costs substantially more, here are some indicative prices.

Vintage Synth Museum Los Angeles: $75 p/h for a DIY recording session (approx $115 AUD)
Synthesizer Studio Berlin: $80 EURO p/h (approx $130 AUD)
SMEM: CHF 50.00 per 4 hour session (approx $80 AUD, no memberships)

We understand that sometimes things can happen that mean you are unable to use your membership, and may wish to temporarily pause it. Please consider the above information before you request a pause.