In its ultimate version we look at MESS being a world-class organisation housed in a purpose built facility designed around the MESS collection and projects. To begin with however, we need to test and prove our ideas with the help of our supporters and the wider community. This is why for the first 3 years MESS will operate in an incubation state as we design, build and modify the infrastructure around our users and how they interact with us. During this period MESS will roll out  3 streams - Studio, School, Show over a three year period. The final stream, Schematic will be included at some stage after our incubation. 


MESS Studio
Studio represents the heart and soul of MESS. Based on a collection of over 350 unique instruments spanning the entire history of electronic sound, each season MESS Studio will rotate items from the collection into the public access studio. Each of the instruments in the MESS collection represents a fully functioning working instrument ready to be used by MESS members. In the longer term MESS Studio will also offer visiting and artist-in-residence programs to support the creation of specific work in the Studio. This will also feature specific instrument combinations and set-ups curated from the collection by artists associated with MESS.

MESS School
School is an evolving set of modular practical courses that aim to support artists in making their work. Rather than academic certification or vocational qualification,  MESS School simply focuses on creating affordable courses centred on the tools, processes and thinking that go into creating sound and music. Rather than employ a teaching staff, the courses on offer will be based on the availability of artists to teach at MESS on a subject of their own devising. These subjects will be offered as one of three course types. Courses - a series of nightly two and a half hour sessions offered over a series of weeks or nights. Workshops - practical-based 4 hour intensive sessions and Masterclasses, single 2-3 hour sessions centered on listening and discussion.

Show will work to promote the work created by artists at MESS as well as displaying the work of artists who have contributed to the rich Australian electronic music culture. Each season MESS Show will produce a small series of live performances along with a recording release documenting the work undertaken at MESS.

MESS Schematic
Integral to the MESS Studio will be our in-house workshop for the repair and maintenance of the instrument collection. With MESS Schematic, the workshop becomes a public space for people to design, engineer, construct and repair their own instruments. Alongside a specific educational program at MESS School, Schematic will focus on the practical physical nature of building and maintaining electronic instruments. From circuit bending to design and construction of Eurorack modules, MESS Schematic will offer various pipelines for people to create new and unique devices.