South West MESS 2024

A week-long electronic sound and music program for young people in the South West. Working in Warrnambool’s One Day Studios at the iconic Fletcher Jones Pleasant Hill Factory, weave new sonic fabrics using machines and methods guided by local artists and industry professionals.


In 2024, South West MESS runs between September 15 and the 22nd (final week of Term 3) for people aged between 16-21 with a dedicated interest in a future working in music and sound.

Who is SW MESS for?

If you’re a current or recent student who is interested in,

  • Playing or performing music
  • Creating any genre or style of electronic sound and music
  • Video game music creation and audio design
  • Film score composition and sound design
  • Working with sound and music for content creation
  • Working in audio engineering and electronics for sound

Also, if you are enrolled in a Music or Media subject as a Year 9, 10, VCE, VET, TAFE or Undergraduate University student, participating in SW MESS can contribute to your subject work and assessment. (Subject to approval by your teacher, supervisor or coordinator.)

What is SW MESS?

You will spend a week learning how to make electronic music using various instruments with a wide range of people. We start by introducing you to the instruments and each other. Along the way, you learn,

  • How synthesisers and drum machines work.
  • How to collaborate with others.
  • The many ways electronic music and sound can be made.
  • How electronic sound and music can be performed.
  • How to create and use a score – even if you don’t read music.
  • How to make a career in music and sound.
  • What it’s like to be a professional Australian artist, musician, composer, sound designer, engineer, etc.

When is SW MESS?

South West MESS runs full-time in the last week of Term 3, starting on the afternoon of September 15 and running for a week until the 22nd.

(As the course runs full-time during the last week of the school term participation is subject to approval by your parent/guardian and your school or institution.)

About South West MESS

South West MESS is a celebration of electronic music and instruments in Warrnambool, Victoria.

South West MESS is a project developed by South West Local Learning & Employment Network, One Day Studios and MESS and supported by the Victorian Department of Education, Creative Victoria, and Creative Australia.

Photos by Greta Punch.