Trautonium workshop with Peter Pichler (Germany) 15/04/2019

Peter Pichler at his Mixturtrautonium_Foto Dietmar Zwick.jpg
Peter Pichler at his Mixturtrautonium_Foto Dietmar Zwick.jpg

Trautonium workshop with Peter Pichler (Germany) 15/04/2019

from 20.00

As part of his Australian tour, Peter Pichler will be hosting a workshop with the Trautonium here at MESS.

This will be the first time the Trautonium has ever visited Australia, and your opportunity to experience the strange, eerie, electronic and yet wonderfully warm sounds no other instrument or equipment can create. Join us for this discussion as Peter as he explains his history and methods with the machine.

Capacity is limited to 20 - book now!

When - Tuesday 15th April 2019.
Where - MESS - 15 Dowling Place North Melbourne

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Peter Pichler (Germany) is taking the Trautonium, the forefather of the synthesizer, for the first time out of Europe and through Australia.

The Trautonium was invented in Berlin around 1929 and was played and developed further by Oskar Sala (1910-2002). He was the only performer on this highly complex instrument. The Trautonium set standards for electronic music today in entertainment as well as in film sounds. Since Sala’s death the instrument lived a deprived existence in various museums as Sala did not teach his art to students. The Trautonium was said to be ‘un-playable’.

Peter Pichler has been fascinated by the unique sound possibilities of the Trautonium since his youth, and studied the Trautonium in great depth for many years. Being a multi-instrumentalist Peter can explore the Trautonium to its full extent in various genres. He plays original classical works that were composed especially for Trautonium, improvising to and accompanying live films as well as composing and performing modern electro-pop.

Most of the original compositions (for example by Paul Hindemith or Harald Genzmer) have very rarely been performed or recorded. Due to the extraordinary possibilities of the instrument, they can only be played with a Trautonium and have never been performed in Australia before.

Peter Pichler does not use the Trautonium as historical instrument alone. He transfers its sounds and character into the modern music world with new classical compositions and performances of modern electro pop that go straight to the heart.

We have partnered with The Toff In Town for this event - you can also see Peter perform a set on the Trautonium on the 17th April. Bookings through their website.

Workshop participants under 18 years need to be accompanied by an adult.