MESS Membership Gift Certificate

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MESS Membership Gift Certificate


A gift certificate for 1 year (12 month) MESS Membership.

Please note: This purchase is not automated and may take 1-3 days to complete. MESS currently runs on a skeleton staff. If you require a fast turnaround , please email, however we cannot guarantee being able to accomodate all fast turnaround orders.

For questions about how sessions at MESS work, see our FAQ.

See below for additional information.

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Additional Information

What we need from you.
In order to process a membership gift certificate all of the following information must be provided. For information regarding MESS’s data collection and privacy policy, please refer here.

  • Certificate Issue/Commencement Date This is the date you will be giving the gift and that the membership period will commence. These must be the same date. If this is an issue, please email or call +61 3 9329 7177.

  • Age of Recipient All recipients must be over 18 years of age.

  • Recipient full name

  • Recipient email address

  • Recipient street address

  • Recipient city/suburb

  • Recipient postcode

  • Recipient country

  • Recipient phone contact number

What you receive from us.
When you purchase your gift certificate you will receive within 1-3 days a PDF file with your certificate details. This will contain the recipient's details, their certificate number, expiry date and will have instructions on how you can book your casual session at MESS via our on-line booking system.

Terms and Conditions.
Potential MESS Members must agree and abide by the Membership Terms and Conditions. You can view these Terms and Conditions here. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions also includes agreement of various general MESS policies regarding OH&S and Sexual Harassment.

Problems or Questions?
Please email us or call the studio on +61 3 9329 7177

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