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Sound Space:

Lauren Squire

This month for MESS Sound Space, we welcome the deep and thoughtful selections of our very own Studio Manager, Lauren Squire.

An elemental part of the MESS community and an invaluable team member, Lauren has worked at MESS for the past seven years as a studio supervisor, producer and production manager, workshop and course leader, and since 2022, Studio Manager.

Image credit: Karl Halliday

Beyond her role overseeing the studio and instrument collection, Lauren is a skilled producer and sound artist, making up one-half of OK EG alongside Matthew Wilson. Together they create immersive hardware-based live sets, superbly textural, ambient techno that ensconces all listeners in reach. Their debut LP ‘Rivulets‘ – out on Amsterdam-based imprint Kalahari Oyster Cult – was released in October last year and has since seen them sign to KLS ahead of their upcoming European tour.

Her selections for MESS Sound Space are a perfect balance of hard and soft. Representing not only the dynamic and intuitive nature of her own productions but also the warmth and consideration that underpins all Lauren does, her curation of songs is as organic as it is structured, mesmerisingly drawing you in by artfully navigating the connection between different production styles and sounds with care and precision.

See below for the full list of tracks and links, or follow the playlist on for ondemand listening!

Arushi Jain – Richer Than Blood

Leaving Records

Tourist Kid – Learn

Melody As Truth

Purelink – Maintain the Bliss


Sabla + Đ.K – Waterflow


Azu Tiwaline – Night in Palmtree

I.O.T Records

Tammo Hesselink – Zero History

Midgar Records

Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Exploring


Ike – Inter

Die Orakel

Priori – Glass Shards

Midgar Records

Trois​-​Quarts Taxi System – Forma


Bernard Parmegiani – Immer/Sound


Tackle – Benzedrine

Another Dark Age

MC Yallah – Sikwebela


Constantly evolving, MESS Sound Space is a reflection of the diverse nature of “electronic” as a genre and the wide-reaching impact of synthesis on music more broadly. Updated monthly by guests of the studio, you can expect additions to the playlist and accompanying annotations from touring musicians, studio residents, staff members and commission artists. Check back in for new selections and a deep dive into the thought processes behind them.

Happy listening!