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Buchla 200/200e System

Creator: BEMI, Buchla & Associates, Don Buchla

Date created: 1970/2004

Location created: USA

Type: Modular Synthesiser

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This system features original Buchla 200 series modules from the 1970’s, Buchla 200e modules from the 2000's and a few Buchla format clones from Verbos and Sputnik. Buchla’s original modular electronic music system was the result of a San Francisco Tape Music Center commission by composers Ramon Sender and Morton Subotnick in 1963. Subotnick envisioned a voltage-controlled instrument that would allow musicians and composers to create sounds suited to their own specifications, and Buchla designed a modular system that made it possible.

The 100 modular series was installed at the San Francisco Tape Music Center in 1965 and later modules were offered through the musical instruments division of CBS. The Buchla 200 series replaced the previous model in 1970 and represented a significant advance in its design. Almost every parameter can be controlled from an external control voltage. Throughout the 70s, Buchla went on to experiment with digital designs and computer controlled systems and in 2004 he returned to modular design with the hybrid 200e system, which uses digital microprocessors.