Starter Pass

$120.00 (Inc. GST)

The Starter Pass entitles the holder to 4 studio sessions, over an 8-week period. You could use them all in a row and do a deep dive over four days, or spread them out over the whole two months, it’s completely up to you! We created the Starter Pass as a flexible option to accommodate people who might be visiting Melbourne, or folks who may want to come in for a short time to explore MESS, or work on a specific project.

Once you’ve purchased this pass, you can then book your sessions through our Booking Page.

Please note: Holders of the Starter Pass are unable to bring a guest to their session.

๐ŸŽ Are you purchasing this as a gift?
If you are buying this for someone else, please purchase a gift certificate instead. This will mean that the pass will be in the recipient’s name, and they will be able to activate and use the pass when they are ready. Click here to buy Gift Certificate

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