MESS School / Workshop

Synths for women +/ non-binary people +/ trans people

July 12, August 9
Limited to 6 individuals per session.

Tuesdays, 6-10pm

MESS members $55
Non-members $77
First Nations peoples $55 (enter code TRIADEX21 at checkout)

This meet-up is for people of marginalised genders, including women, non-binary people and trans men.

In this introduction to subtractive synthesis, you will get hands-on time with some amazing machines as well as one-on-one guidance.

You can be an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, curiosity is the only prerequisite: any skill or experience level in music, production or synthesis is welcome even if that is none at all! These meet-ups aim to be about connecting, sharing, exploring and playing with sound and ideas around sound.

At the conclusion of this course people will have been introduced to the key concepts and basic methods needed to create sound on multiple kinds of vintage and modern synthesisers, and hands-on experience creating audio and modulation pathways using key components of synthesis such as Oscillators, Filters, VCAs, Sequencing, LFOs, Ring Modulators, Envelopes/ADSRs, patching, etc, in a supportive and fun environment.

Each session runs from 6pm – 10pm and is hosted by femme/non-binary MESS staff. Sessions are limited to 6 people which allows for a group introduction and discussion as well as some one-on-one time with the staff member. You are encouraged to bring your own recording gear (laptop + soundcard, handheld recorder or other devices) to capture sounds made on the night.

Still not sure if this event is for you? Reach out and ask! We are very friendly and happy to help clarify if you have any questions.

This workshop is led by a rotation of MESS Studio Supervisors:

Jonnine Nokes (they/them) is an artist and freelance audio engineer working across venues in Naarm (Melbourne). They have mixed and mastered music for local musicians across a wide range of genres. They have designed sound and score for theatre and dance productions, installation work, web content, and advertising. They have also worked as a synthesiser and production workshop facilitator for Melbourne Sound School. Jonnine is also a co-founder of local record label Tender Collection, devoted to releasing queer/feminist electronic, punk and outsider music.

Lauren Squire (she/her) is an electronic music producer, DJ, audiovisual artist, freelance sound designer and sound engineer. Her practice is focused on experimental and ambient music, underground dance music, audiovisual installation art and the spaces where these disciplines intersect. As an artist, Lauren works with her partner Matthew Wilson in an audiovisual duo called OK EG. The project draws on techno, breakbeat, ambient, percussion and experimental forms.