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Our Synth Spotlight for October comes from MESS Studio Manager and all-round legend Lauren Squire

The Vermona PERfourMER is one of my favourite synths. With its unique play modes allowing you to select between polyphonic, duophonic and monophonic this synth can produce a variety of sounds, from ethereal pads to heavy-weight rhythms. It has four independent oscillators, each with five waveforms plus a noise generator.

The low pass filter allows for precision when shaping sounds, and the LFO assignment, whilst restricted to VCO frequency, pulse width and VCF frequency, brings the PERfourMER to life through modulation. In addition to the above, the MIDI and CV/GATE options make it versatile when integrating with other hardware and digital systems. In my setup, I use it alongside an Elektron Octatrack, OB6, Moog MF104 and an Eventide Blackhole.

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