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Sabine Brix

Commissioned Artist, ACMI X MESS

Sabine Brix is an electronic music producer and composer whose work explores the human condition. She also releases dance music under the moniker Brixx and in 2021 produced the record Conversion Therapy which came out on Heavy Machinery Records. Her forthcoming project is a score-based work, which examines passion, obsession, and fantasy, with an emphasis on 1980s erotic thriller and action films.

How did you first get involved with synths and electronic sound?

I bought a Roland electronic drum kit and enjoyed curating sounds on that, which then led to an interest in production.

How would you describe the sounds you make today?

My sound is pretty melancholic and characterised by heavy percussion, minor keys, vocal sampling, and spans a range of genres including: electronic body music, techno, electro, ambient and new beat.

Where do you find inspiration, what motivates you?

I am motivated by experiences related to the human condition to create both a narrative and world, which people can become lost in. I am constantly inspired by film, in particular arthouse and cult classics from the 1980s.

What’s been one of the most rewarding or satisfying moments of your journey so far?

My forthcoming album, which is a score to an imagined film. I watched films for six months straight before I even wrote a note, just to solidify the sound I wanted, then worked out what instruments to use, (including gear from MESS). The work is a mix of soundtrack and instrumental music and figuring out how to tie all the tracks and sounds together is one of the hardest things I’ve done.

And the most challenging?

The score (see above) and creating the sound design for an abstract animation for ACMI, where I had to decipher how to bring the animation to life using sound effects that also worked as a musical piece.

Do you have a current ‘go to’ set up at MESS? Any favourite machines or combos that you’re currently digging?

Deckard’s Dream and the Arturia Keystep Pro are pretty fun!

Are there any machines in the MESS collection you’ve had your eye on but haven’t tried yet?

I’ve worked my way through a lot, but probably the Buchla.

If you could give yourself one piece of advice when you first started what would it be?

Have patience and know that it eventually gets easier.

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