Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio

Centred on a unique world-class collection of working electronic instruments, MESS is dedicated to supporting the creation of electronic sound and music in all its forms.

Moog 55 by Kristoffer Paulsen 

MESS Studio

The Studio is the heart of MESS. Home to our huge instrument collection, and focal point for members.

MESS School

Engage with the history, technique, and artistry of electronic sound and music creation presented in a format that is flexible, affordable, and artist-driven.


Unique performance events reflecting the diversity of sound created at MESS.

Coming up at MESS

MESS Workshops

Taking place in the MESS Studio, these fun and hands-on workshops feature a range of subjects and synths, and are open to people of all skill levels.

Introduction to MESS

In this workshop, you’ll learn all about MESS, take a tour of the synthesisers in our collection and discover their stories.

Synths for women +/ non-binary people +/ trans people

An introduction to subtractive synthesis for people of marginalised genders, including women, non-binary people, and trans men

Unlocking Analog Synths with your DAW

This workshop will show you how to harness the power of your computer to control analog synths and drum machines.

Euroack Basics

The perfect way to get started with Eurorack, the predominant form of contemporary modular synthesis.



Rachel Lyn

Visiting Artist

Berlin-based artist Rachel Lyn creates evocative soundscapes that blend ambient tones with ethereal narratives, that have captivated audiences. Her performances at prestigious venues such as the Tate Modern and Tresor 31 Festival, along with her roles as a curator and…

Tiffany Alwis

Artist in Residence

Tiffany Alwis is a pianist, DJ and producer living in Melbourne, millions of miles away from her hometown of London she still feels the imprint of the rich culture of dance/electronic music she grew up with. Her live act is…

Naretha Williams

Commissioned Artist

A First Nations Wiradjuri woman of mixed lineage, born and based in Birrarung-ga/Naarm Melbourne on the Sovereign Lands of the Kulin Nation, Victoria AUS. Naretha works across contemporary music, composition and sound design with a professional creative career spanning 20…