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You may have noticed that things are looking a little different around here! Not only does MESS have a new website, we’ve also revised the way our membership system works.

MESS has always been an experiment, and we’re always trying to find ways to make it as accessible as possible. We’ve heard your feedback, and understand those session fees can sometimes be a barrier — so in order to allow our community more opportunities to engage with the collection, we’ve consolidated the membership and session fees into a single monthly payment. Easy!

Starting Monday, November 21, 2022, we’ll be replacing our annual fee with a monthly subscription model — which means members will no longer need to pay each time they visit the studio. That’s right — to make it as easy as possible for you to access the collection, we’re getting rid of session fees so our members can visit as often as they like! It’s kind of like a gym membership, but with synths instead of stair-masters. 🥳

We now offer 3 subscription options, Annual, 6 Month, and 1 Month, you can learn about the here. We also have Single Session and a Starter Pass available.

With more planned for 2023 and beyond there’s never been a better time to become a member at MESS – see you in the studio soon!

Information about the new subscription system for current members

What does this mean for your current membership?
Good question! The first thing to know is you don’t need to do a thing. On November 21, your current membership will automatically move over to the new system. Until your membership expires you’ll continue to have access to MESS, with no monthly payment, or session fees. Once your current membership expires, you’ll have the choice to renew with one of the new membership options. In a nutshell, your current membership has all the benefits of a new membership, at no additional cost.

How do I access member discounts?
Previously, we would give you a discount code that could be applied to our in-house workshops and events. In our new system, member discounts will automatically be applied if you have an active membership, you just need to log in to your account.

How do I set up my account?
If you had an active membership on November 21st, 2022, then we will have automatically set up your account in our new system. You should have received an email containing instructions for setting up your password, but if you didn’t (hello spam folder!), then you can request a password reset here, using the email address you initially used when purchasing your membership.

If you believe you have an active membership but are not able to reset your password using the link, please contact prudence@mess.foundation.

I used to access the MESS studio as a casual user, can I still do that?
You absolutely can! We now ask that you purchase a Single Session Pass before making your booking. We also have some good news! Single Session Pass holders are now able to bring a guest free of charge!

We also have another option for casual users, which is out Starter Pass. The Starter Pass gives you 4 Studio Sessions over 2 months and costs $120.

Become a first-time annual member between now and the end of the year and go in the draw to win a $1000 Found Sound Gift Card!

If you sign up for a new Annual Membership (subscription or upfront) between now and the 31st of December you’ll automatically go into the running to win 1 of 5 $1000 Found Sound Digital Gift Cards! A great way to kick off your practice or level-up your gear.

Winners will be drawn at random and contacted via email on the 11th of January, 2023.