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MESS School / South West MESS

South West MESS – ALTeration (Ableton Live for Teachers)

Registrations now open

Program dates: 
Monday, May 1 & Tuesday, May 2
6pm to 8pm

Brauer College, 37 Caramut Rd, Warrnambool VIC 3280 (map)

Price: FREE
This is a free program, registrations are essential

Professional Development at South West MESS 2023!

ALTeration (Ableton Live for Teachers) is an extension of the teacher’s program run at last year’s South West MESS. In 2023, Ableton will present two professional development sessions for regional music and art teachers to learn new skills using accessible software that brings electronic sound and music creation into the school environment. 

This program is open to music and art teachers who are working in schools, institutions and/or delivering private tuition in the South West region. Sessions are considered professional development and participants will need to attend both sessions. Ableton will provide participants with teaching and learning resources, including free Ableton for schools software.

ALTeration – Program Overview

This professional development opportunity is designed to give music and art teachers to learn new skills suitable for the classroom using Ableton Live.
Session 1 – Monday, May 1, 6pm-8pm
Introduction to composing with Ableton Live
  • An overview of the Live’s unique compositional workflow
  • Practical strategies for introductory lessons
  • How to work with audio files and virtual instruments to build musical ideas
  • Working within both Session and Arrangement views.
  • Overview of FX, basic Mixing and Automation
  • Bouncing out finished works and strategies for sharing student work
Session 2 – Tuesday, May 2, 6pm-8pm

Using Ableton Live to perform

  • How musicians are using Ableton Live on stage
  • Audio interfaces, MIDI controllers and how to build a performance setup
  • Clip lunching techniques and practical strategies
  • Real-time playing techniques for MIDI instruments and finger drumming
  • Live Looping and the use of FX to dynamically integrate acoustic sound sources/
  • Hands-on practice of these techniques

The sessions will be delivered by Ableton specialist, Matt Ridgway.
Matt is a multi-faceted musician and educator from Melbourne, Australia. In addition to his 20+ years of music teaching experience working with young people with complex educational and social needs, Matt is Ableton’s Education Specialist for Aus/NZ. In this role, he works with artists and educators to develop their skills using Ableton Live as a central hub of music creation.

Registration Requirements

To register you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a music or art teacher at a school or institution, or conduct private music classes, within one of the following Local Government Areas:
    • Colac Otway
    • Corangamite
    • Glenelg
    • Moyne
    • Southern Grampians
    • Warrnambool
  • Participants should be able to attend both sessions at Brauer College
  • Please bring a laptop and headphones to both sessions
  • Apply for Ableton Free Live Intro Multiseat license before sessions here

If you have questions or would like assistance filling out the application form, please email us – we are happy to help!

Register now

This workshop is delivered by Ableton as part of South West MESS 2023.

About South West MESS

South West MESS is a celebration of electronic music and instruments in Warrnambool, Victoria.