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Jake Richards-Curry

Studio Supervisor

Jake Richards-Curry | Puscha (they/them he/him)

Jake is an ambient artist and film composer who creates spacious, cinematic, minimalist soundscapes and musical impressions under the artist name Puscha. Taking wide influence from 20th-century classical to kosmiche and world music, their music explores spatial and psychoacoustic modalities with the aim of provoking catharsis and deeper listening.

They have curated ambient music events and and put together collaborative projects with artists such as Maria Moles, Aarti Jadu, VYN, Cave in the Sky, and many others. Their soundtrack work includes documentaries on social issues, arthouse films, multidisciplinary dance performances, a multi-sensory degustation dining experience, and a live cinema project.

They are deeply inspired by the natural world with concerns around preservation and conservation, and draw from personal experiences such as being a part of an anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean, Antarctica, as well as contributing to an International Eco-Cultural Tour in Mongolia.

Their synth foundation has humble beginnings playing guitar through delays and loopers, and being blown away by running a Casiotone through effects pedals and a guitar amp as a teen. Eventually, they slowly started collecting synths and drum machines before selling most of them off to graduate as a eurorack modular nerd.

Favourite MESS Memory

So many good ones, big and small, it's hard to choose one to share! The first thing I did on my first shift, not being able to believe that I was lucky enough to get a job at MESS, was to unbox 4 brand new synths donated by Waldorf (Quantum, Iridium, M and Kyra) and test them out. What a welcome!

Top three instruments at MESS
ARP 2600, Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo, UDO Super 6

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