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Vijay Thillaimuthu

Studio Supervisor

Vijay Thillaimuthu is an electronic composer/performer and audio-visual artist informed by the rich history of analogue sound synthesis. Often performing under the moniker Xenosine, he creates unique immersive environments that can be experienced across different sensual distinctions based on synergistic approaches with technology. This is largely enabled through the open ended architecture of modular synthesisers and node-based programming languages.

Electromagnetic phenomena has always been at the centre of Vijay Thillaimuthu’s practice. Whether fascinated by the discovery of self generating tones through signal feedback, or the realisation that voltage could deflect and guide rays of light in analogue monitors and laser display systems. The driving force has always been the joyful exploration of electricity as well as the visceral, transcendental experiences it could produce in expression as sound, vibration and light.

Vijay has collaborated with Robin Fox and performed alongside Suzanne Ciani, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Richard Devine, AtomTM and Dasha Rush. Amongst a range of diverse outcomes, Vijay Thillaimuthu has presented work for Unsound, the Melbourne International Film Festival, Liquid Architecture, Red Bull Music Festival, The Banff Centre – Canada, Subliminal Impulse – Manchester and the Tokyo Festival of Modular. In 2022 Vijay was invited to be a guest composer at EMS Stockholm. He is currently a PhD researcher and educator in Interactive Composition at the University of Melbourne.

Favourite MESS Memory

Performing with two iterations of the MESS Synthesiser Orchestra have been absolute highlights of my time with MESS and of my career. Initially performing on the Moog System 55 for Mat Watson’s composition Magnitudes at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and then performing on the Mad Chiller eurorack system for Stathis//Davey//Kim’s suite of compositions at the Melbourne Town Hall. In both instances it was incredible to see the ensembles imaginatively bring the collection alive to form the engaging creative pieces. It was also impeccable work from the production staff, that was no small feat!

Top three instruments at MESS
Buchla 200/200e System, Moog System 55, Transaudio System

MESS Staff