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Lauren Squire

Studio Manager

Lauren Squire is an electronic music producer, synthesist, DJ, audiovisual artist, and sound designer based in Naarm, Melbourne. Her practice focuses on experimental and ambient music, underground dance music, audiovisual installation art and the spaces where these disciplines intersect.

As an artist, Lauren works with her partner Matthew Wilson in an audiovisual duo called OK EG. Together they create wholly immersive live sets, superbly textural, ambient techno that ensconces all listeners in reach. Also producing and DJing under the alias Zosia Kossak, she explores the relationship between the human voice and that of synthesisers whilst incorporating heavyweight bass and rhythm into the mix.

Drawing from her experience as an artist, Lauren contributes to the scene across many roles, including creative and technical producing, production management and lecturing at Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio.

Favourite MESS Memory

I've been working with the organisation for over six years and have so many fond memories that it's hard to choose just one. I think it's more the feeling of what MESS represents in my life. For me, it's been a privilege to connect with people in the MESS community and work alongside the team at MESS. MESS is a place where I have grown with the support of those around me, people who believe in my skills, ability and vision for what this organisation has the potential to be. It's more than a room with synths in it. It's really about the people that come to MESS, all the amazing artists, practitioners and sound makers. Artists supporting and uplifting artists. There is nothing better than that.

Top three instruments at MESS
Cwejman Eurorack System paired with the Koma Sequencer Vermona PERfourMER MKII and the Virus Access Ti Keyboard Synth

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